English Studies – bachelor’s degree study programme

Study programme characteristics and graduate profile

The programme focuses on the complex development of linguistic, communicative and intercultural competences in the English language, with emphasis on bridging linguistic disciplines (phonetics, morphology, lexicology, syntax) with literary ones (British, American, post-colonial, children’s literature). The programme offers disciplines focused on intercultural communication, project management, IT skills, and the use of the English language in mass media and editing, which help develop soft skills, analytical and critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills.

Graduates thoroughly master the English language in its written and spoken form, have adequate knowledge of the literary, cultural and historical context of Anglophone countries. They are able to analyze and interpret literary and non-literary texts, creatively apply theoretical knowledge in the field of interpersonal communication and project management, flexibly use the acquired theoretical knowledge in solving interdisciplinary problems and use IT skills in the preparation of individual and group projects. Graduates can effectively communicate and present their opinions and think critically and analytically.

Graduate opportunities

Graduates can find employment in business and the private corporate sector, state administration, in the fields of culture, tourism, intercultural mediation and in the media. They can also further develop their skills in master’s programs such as English Language for Professional Communication, as well as in other related fields of study.