English Language for Professional Purposes – master’s degree study programme

Characteristics of the study programme

English Language for Professional Communication single-honours study programme offers the opportunity to get to know the English language from a linguistic, cultural, literary, computational and translation point of view. The graduates gain practically applicable professional and methodological knowledge in communication in the English language. They can independently formulate research problems related to the use of the English language, are able to identify relevant information, analyze and critically interpret English texts in various areas of professional practice. The graduates possess advanced language, interpersonal and intercultural competence and can communicate adequately both orally and in writing in all language styles. They have excellent presentation skills, can use terminological resources, corpora, databases and computer-assisted translation tools.

Graduate opportunities

The study programme prepares graduates for a wide range of possible jobs in the business and commercial sphere at home and abroad, wherever English is used on a professional level. As a part of reflecting the current needs of business practice and the requirements of potential employers, the study plan includes professional communication, business and legal Englishes, socio-psychological and cultural aspects of the language, translation and computer skills.